Allergy prevention is better than cure.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

You may have allergic rhinitis.1

Frequent coughing or sneezing

Sore, scratchy throat

Runny, stuffy or itchy nose

Itchy, watery eyes


What causes allergic rhinitis?

When airborne irritants enter the nose they can trigger the release of histamine in sensitive individuals, leading to unpleasant allergy symptoms.1

These irritants include:

Suitable for children and pregnant women3

How can Dazit help?

Dazit Nasal Film doesn’t treat allergies. Its purpose is to prevent these allergies.

This nasal spray is designed to stop allergens from ever entering your system in the first place.3

It acts as a shield for your nose, coating the sensitive nasal mucosa in the nostrils, pharynx and sinuses with a barrier-technology film. This barrier ensures that the irritants entering your nose when you inhale exit your body the same way because they cannot settle in these sensitive zones where they might cause irritation and trigger a negative immune response.3

Benefits of Dazit

   Simple dosage: 1 Spray, each nostril, 2-3 times a day3

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